Making Your Pet Dogs Happier


Dogs are not just man’s best friend. They’re also part of our family. They’re not just bright and clever. They’re also loyal and protective. They’re not just soft and gentle. They’re also obedient and patient.

Thus, it’s only right for you to make your pet dogs happier.

Here are some ways:

Walk them.

Just like people who run to keep themselves active throughout the day, dogs also need to walk to keep themselves active throughout the day. This is also for them to stretch out their muscles after being confined indoors all day, as well as do their business without getting anxious or interact with others without getting too aggressive.

Train them.

Aside from walking them, why don’t you train them? Learn how to make them sit on command or even roll on command. Don’t forget to give them food treats or even simple belly rubs after! Your dog will not just be more than inspired to listen to your command next time. Your dog will also feel more loved, as well as closer to your heart.

Swim with them.

Be it in a backyard pool or in a public beach, make your pet dogs happier by taking them for a swim. This is for them to be more active and for them to feel more refreshed. If you want, you can also hold a dogs bathing suits contest – with your family members or with other dog-owners. The winner will get food treats or simple belly rubs – or better yet, a new toy for the dog to chew on and play with.

Play with them.

Mind you, you can make your pet dogs happier by playing with them. This will not just help them stretch out their muscles and be more active. This will also make them feel more loved and closer to your heart, as well as more than inspired to listen to your command next time – such as when you ask your dog to fetch his stick or catch his Frisbee.