Japan for Animal Lovers

Animal lovers will have many reasons to rejoice when visiting Japan. The country’s many attractions include places where you can find adorable and stunning animals. If you are lucky, you may even get up close and play with them. Here are some of the best things about Japan for animal lovers.

Cat Cafes
cat cafe
Where: Tokyo
Highlights: Cat lovers from around the world have been drawn to cat-themed cafes in Tokyo for many years. The city is home to more than 50 cat or neko cafes where guests can play with cute and adorable felines to their hearts content.

Nekojima (Cat Island)
cat island
Where: Aijima (Fukuoka), Aishima (Fukuoka), Aoshima (Ehime), Enoshima (Kanagawa), Genkaishima (Fukuoka), Iwaishima (Yamaguchi), Kadarashima (Saga Prefecture), Manabeshima (Okayama), Muzukijima (Ehime) Sanagishima i(Kagawa), Okishima (Shiga)
Highlights: Stroll anywhere in Japan and you will likely come across a feline or two. But there are certain places in the country that have been coined as “cat islands” for the sheer number of resident cats that can be seen everywhere. Many of these nekojimas or cat islands have even become popular tourist destinations. So if you are a cat lover or simply curious to see an island teeming with cats, you can head out to one or two of Japan’s many cat island destinations.

Hachiko Statue
Hachiko statue
Where: Shibuya Station, Tokyo
Highlights: Japan’s most famous dog has his own statue at Shibuya Station that has drawn quite a lot of tourists over the years. Hachiko is an Akita Inu whose story of devotion and loyalty to his owner has touched many people’s hearts.

Jigokudani Yaenkoen
Jigokudani Yaenkoen
Where: Yamanouchi
Highlights: Jigokudani Yaenkoen is home to over a hundred Japanese Macaques or Snow Monkeys. Visiting this park not only allows you to see the beautiful snow monkeys playing around. Perhaps one of the most amazing and mesmerizing sights is to see them soaking in the hot springs looking relaxed and happy.

Nara Park
Nara Park
Where: Nara
Highlights: Nara Park not only boasts of some of the prefecture’s top attractions like the
Kasuga Taisha, Kofukuji, Todaiji, and the Nara National Museum. It is also home to hundreds of deer roaming around. Many of these deer are so friendly that some even know how to return the gesture when tourists bow to them. One way to get up close to the adorable deer walking around is to give them food you can buy at the park.

Ōkunoshima (Rabbit Island)
Where: Takehara, Hiroshima
Highlights: Home to wild bunnies. Visitors to the island can see hundreds of cute and fluffy rabbits roaming around many. Many of the rabbits are friendly and have no qualms smothering visitors with their cuteness.

Zao Fox Village
Zao Fox Village
Where: Miyagi, Shiroishi
Highlights: Home to six different types of foxes. Visitors can enjoy the sight of over a hundred foxes freely roaming around. Experience getting up close with the beautiful creatures or feeding them food available for a reasonable price.