Working Out with the Four-Legged Friend


Exercise may seem boring at some point. There are days when you may not feel motivated to stick to your workout routine. One of the best things about life with a dog is that you have a workout companion that can spice up your fitness routines.

Reasons to exercise with your dog

1. Staying fit together. Getting fit with your pets by doing your fitness training together can make the experience more fun. If you have a dog, most breeds need daily exercises to stay healthy. Even other animals you may have as pets would need to keep moving to avoid unhealthy weight gain.

2. Spend fun times together. Working out with your pets not only provides the exercise you both need every day. The time you share together during your fitness routines can also strengthen your bond. You can also take advantage of your daily exercises to enhance your pets’ training.

3. Provides motivation. The prospect of working out with your pets can provide you with the motivation to stick to your exercise routines. It also makes it more difficult to miss a day’s workout since you will now have to consider your pet’s need to exercise.

Getting started and sticking to it

1. Ask for ideas or get some advice from experts. Visit the veterinarian to make sure that your pet’s up to the fitness routine you have in mind. Or you can ask for recommendations on which types of exercises your dog can do with you.

2. Make sure that your dog can keep up with the exercise you have in mind. If you are still planning on getting dogs to accompany you in your daily exercise routines, make sure that you choose a breed that suits your lifestyle well. Pick a breed that can match your level of activity.

3. Observe and be mindful of any sign of fatigue. Make sure that you and your dog are properly hydrated when working out. Observe for any signs of fatigue or thirst so you can take a rest and rehydrate.

4. Stick to pet-friendly routes if you go for a walk, run, or a bike ride with your dogs. Avoid tools or devices that might inadvertently cause an accident to you or your dogs.

5. Enjoy some play time at the park. Most dogs love playing catch. You can head out to the nearest park and play some active fetch. All that running around is a great way to work up some sweat and enjoy nature time together.