4 Ways to Get Rid of Paint from Your Dog’s Fur


Before anything else, carefully check your dog’s fur to know how much paint is on it (For your spray paint needs, check out Paint Sprayer Mag. Here’s their website). Start from the paws, in between toes, and its belly.

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Four Solutions

  • If there’s only a small amount of paint on surface hairs and not on its skin, cut out the paint using a rounded-tip scissors. Don’t use scissors near your dog’s face and eyes. To make sure you don’t cut its skin, use a comb to lift its hair and cut above the comb. Cut little hair at a time and pull the hair away from its body before making the cut. If you know you’re clumsy, ask for a groomer’s help instead.
  • If you can’t cut its hair or there’s too much paint, wash your dog with warm water and soap. This is effective if the paint is latex or acrylic. Next, rub a wet rag or a shower puff over the paint and let its hair get soaked. Washing is an effective method only if the paint is fresh. You might have to keep washing until the paint comes entirely off.


  • If soap and water aren’t efficient, use oily substances like petroleum jelly, mineral oil, or cooking oil to soften the hardened paint. Softening it will make it easier for you to remove. Just immerse the part where the paint is and allow it to soak up for a few hours. Next, sprinkle a bit of powdered starch to help absorb paint and excess oil. Using a comb, brush the products away and bathe your beloved pet. Never use irritating products near its face or eyes. After washing your dog with soapy water, rinse its body with vinegar to help remove paint residue or powder from the fur. After which, wash your dog with soapy water again (to get rid of the vinegar smell).
  • If those four methods didn’t work, chances are there’s too much paint on your dog. The best thing to do at this point is to seek professional help as soon as possible, especially if you think it might’ve ingested paint already.

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